About Us

At Wausau Nordic, our mission is to promote and enhance the sport of cross-country skiing in the Wausau area. We strive to be the leading resource for Nordic skiing enthusiasts, providing valuable information and resources to help individuals of all ages and skill levels to excel in this exciting winter activity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive cross-country skiing community in Wausau. By fostering a love for the sport and encouraging participation, we aim to contribute to the health and well-being of our community while showcasing the beauty of our snowy landscapes.

History and Founder

Founded in 2005 by Kelly Brown, a passionate cross-country skier with a vision to create a hub dedicated to Nordic skiing, Wausau Nordic has been a pioneer in the local skiing community. From humble beginnings as a small, local club, we have grown into a reputable organization with countless success stories to share.

Our founder Kelly Brown has dedicated over two decades to the sport of cross-country skiing. As a highly accomplished skier herself, Kelly has competed in numerous national and international events, representing the United States with pride. Her deep understanding and love for the sport have been instrumental in shaping Wausau Nordic into what it is today.

Website Creation

Our decision to create this website stemmed from the desire to provide valuable resources and guidance to individuals interested in cross-country skiing. We recognized the need for a comprehensive online platform that could cater to both beginners seeking guidance and experienced skiers searching for the latest training tips and techniques.

Through this website, we aim to create an informative, user-friendly, and inspiring platform for all cross-country ski enthusiasts – a go-to resource for anyone passionate about Nordic skiing.

Objective and Target Audience

The objective of our website is to be the ultimate authority on cross-country skiing in the Wausau area. We strive to provide informative articles, training plans, equipment guides, and event listings, all tailored to serve the diverse needs and interests of our target audience.

Our target audience primarily includes cross-country skiing enthusiasts residing in or visiting the Wausau region. However, we also welcome beginners looking to learn more about the sport and experience the thrill of Nordic skiing for the first time.

The Wausau Nordic Difference

What sets Wausau Nordic apart is our highly skilled and experienced team of editors and fellow skiers who share our passion for Nordic skiing. Our team is committed to bringing you the most accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring that our content is always reliable and trustworthy.

Additionally, we strive to provide a unique level of personal experience and authenticity through firsthand accounts of local skiing trails, race recaps, and interviews with renowned skiers. We constantly strive to evolve and improve our content to meet the needs and expectations of our readers.

Join us at Wausau Nordic as we delve into the wonders of cross-country skiing and promote its growth as a cherished sport in the beautiful Wausau area. Let us inspire you and share our knowledge, ensuring that your cross-country skiing experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

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